Services & Rates

Video/Film – Music/Theatrical/Reality

Hourly Rate $125

Half Day Rate $350 up to four hours

Full Day Rate $600 up to eight hours

Live Media Events – Stage Performances/Press Junket/Satellite Tour/Runway/Fashion Show

Hourly Rate $125

Half Day Rate $350 up to four hours

Full Day Rate $600 up to eight hours

Photoshoots – Editorial/Commercial/Advertising

Hourly Rate $125

Half Day Rate $350 up to four hours

Full Day Rate $600 up to eight hours

Please inquire if you’re working within a special budget

Photoshoots – Headshots/Glamour Studio $125 per person

Special Occasions/Event Makeup $125 per person

For birthdays, anniversaries, or just a night on the town, this service is guaranteed to make you look and feel your best! Using the best products and latest trends, I’ll create a glamorous look tailored to you. Includes airbrush foundation, false lashes, and travel to your location*.

Prom Makeup/Senior Pictures $75 per person


There will be a hundred cameras flashing and thousands of pictures taken, and I want to make sure you look vibrant and beautiful in every single one.  Click here to see services and rates for your wedding day.

Below is a note to my models and photogs. I say these things so I can do the best work I can for you.

Models: When you arrive at a shoot, please arrive with clean skin. This means NO MAKEUP (this includes mascara) and make sure your face is well moisturized. Please apply sunscreen (very important to protect your skin) at least an hour beforehand for on location shoots so it has time to absorb into your skin. Please make sure that your eyebrows are tidy…if I feel the need to tweeze them I will, at a charge to you. We work for stunning, beautiful photos; not work for Photoshop.

Photographers: I will do my best to create the least amount of work for you after the photos are taken. Please know that what a photographer, model, and makeup artist need for their portfolios is very different. I ask that I choose my own photos, at least 1-2 per look, on a disc in high resolution for printing and that I receive them in a timely fashion.

Other Services

Tattoo Camouflage  $50-200

Whether it’s walking down the aisle, being a bridesmaid, or a big job interview, there are some occasions where you don’t feel like sharing your tattoo with the rest of the world. By custom blending the best products to match your skin tone exactly and neutralize pigment, I can cover your tattoo convincingly. A consultation beforehand is required for tattoo camouflage since neutralizing the ink pigment can be a very time consuming process. Depending on the ink color, how new the ink is, and how big the tattoo is, the time frame can range from one hour to several so please plan accordingly.

Eyelash Extensions $100-$175

Eyelash Extensions are single strands of eyelashes (can be synthetic or real hair) that are attached to your own lashes one at a time to replicate your natural eyelash.  They provide thickness and length so you don’t have to use mascara.  They look super natural so no one will know they aren’t yours!  This service ranges anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on your eyelash length and fullness, and will last about 3-5 weeks depending on care.

Eyelash Extension Fills $75~Eyelash Extension Removal $40

Eyebrow Shaping/Lip Waxing $20

This can be done before any service however I recommend any waxing service be done 3 days prior to your event.