Services and Rates

There will be a hundred cameras flashing and a million pictures taken, and I want to make sure you look vibrant and beautiful in every one. Congratulations on your special day.

Consultation $75

I require a consultation before booking for your wedding day.  During the bridal consultation, we’ll look at your makeup likes and dislikes, your dress, flowers, colors, and hair to create a bridal look that’s you, from very natural to bold temptress. We’ll do a complete makeup run-through to make sure everything is perfect for your special day and discuss details such as time and location. If you would like, have pictures on hand of makeup you like and don’t like, and pictures of your dress, hair, and colors. I suggest booking the consultation on a day you’re going to go out someplace special to show off your gorgeousness.

Bridal Makeup $150

Includes full face of makeup with airbrush, false lashes, travel to and from your location*, and a full tube of lip color for touch-ups.  Does not include the consultation.

Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom

* Full Face Makeup with Airbrush (includes false lashes) $85
* Full Face Makeup with Traditional Foundation (includes false lashes) $70

Junior Bridesmaid (Ages 8-15) $25

Includes blush, shimmery eyeshadow, lipgloss, mascara (optional)

Flowergirl (Ages 8 and below)

Free when booked with bridal makeup

Groom $50

Camouflages any blemishes and evens out skin tone and texture.  This service does not include airbrush.

Other Bridal Services

Tattoo Camouflage $50-$200

I do require a consultation before the wedding day for tattoo cover to get an estimate on how long it will take to cover the tattoo.  Pricing depends on the ink color, how new the ink is, and how big the tattoo is. The time frame can range greatly depending on the size of the tattoo.

Eyelash Extensions $100-$175

Eyelash Extensions are single strands of eyelashes (can be synthetic or real hair) that are attached to your own lashes one at a time to replicate your natural eyelash.  They provide thickness and length so you don’t have to use mascara.  They look super natural so no one will know they aren’t yours!  This service ranges anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on your eyelash length and fullness, and will last about 3-5 weeks depending on care.

Eyelash Extension Fills $75~Eyelash Extension Removal $50

Eyebrow Shaping/Lip Waxing $20

This can be done before any service however I recommend any waxing service be done one week prior to your event.

Eyelash Application (Strip/Individual)$5/10

Touch-Up Service  $100 per hour

Touch up service starts from the time the last person’s initial services end.  Touch ups are unlimited but only for those include in the contract.